First week as a Barcelona resident (or tourist)

Boarding separate planes but headed to the same destination, Farima and I were off to Barcelona. No matter how many times I’ve done this before, I always feel a bit of sadness to leave home, friends, and family behind. I still get the same nervous anxious feeling about what I am about to embark on […]

Hikers Paradise – El Chalten, Argentina

El Chalten, considered Argentina’s national trekking capital, is about 3 hours north of Calafate. After exploring Calafate, I took a 1:00 pm bus headed to El Chalten. On the ride there,  I met a couple from the Netherlands (Nikki and Hilko) whom had the same general plan for El Chalten and whom were also staying […]

Bad Luck Charm – Pucon, Chile

I arrived in Pucon on a beautiful sunny day full of clear skies. I came to Pucon primarily to climb Volcan Villarrica and was hoping I could climb the day I arrived since the weather was perfect, but unfortunately the climb had begin at 6:30 am and I had missed my chance. The city of […]

Full of Color – Valparaiso

The day after Farima arrived we headed to Valparaiso, a port town just outside of Santiago. We arrived around 2 pm just in time for the free walking tour that began at 3 (you know how much I love my free walking tours)! During the walking tour, they explained how Valparaiso became a major port […]

South America Part 2 – Santiago, Chile

After 14 hours of transit, the second leg of my South American adventure has begun. Don’t worry, I know I’m behind about a month on the past adventures, but I’ll have to come back to that at a later time! As I sit here in my hostel common area with no one around, I am […]