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Cochabamba, home to the largest Jesus statue in the world!

As in every South American city, we headed to a market the following day, but it wasn’t a market we were expecting. I thought they would be selling more indigenous items but it was more westernized things. On our way to the market we heard a lot of loud noises on the street, which we […]

In the jungle, the mighty jungle – Rurrenabaque, Bolivia

The next day we boarded our flight (on the tiniest plane ever) to Rurrenabaque to explore the Bolivian amazon. We happened to run into some friends we had met in Cusco on our same flight, Fabio and Dan, and decided to join them on their Pampas Tour. Dan and Fabio were also traveling with Alex, Jenny, […]

“Wooorth it” – La Paz, Bolivia

We arrived in La Paz early evening, checked into our rooms and decided to grab dinner at the hostel. We had a few drinks with Bobby and Jake and then things got interesting as it was Karaoke night at the hostel bar. People really got into their Karaoke songs and some (including JC, a friend […]

Homestays and buckets under beds – Puno and Lake Titicaca, Peru

We took another bus to Puno the following morning to explore Lake Titicaca but didn’t arrive until later in the evening, therefore having to explore the city the next day. After walking around Puno for a bit, we  compared different tour agencies for tours to the Islands of Lake Titicaca. That night we met a guy from […]

Cusco, Peru

After the Inca Trail, we headed back to Cusco and got ready for dinner and what we though was going to be a night out in honor of Brittany’s last night. Since we were nearly falling asleep at dinner of absolute exhaustion, we decided to enjoy our meal and skip the going out part. We […]

“A Whole New World”- Machu Picchu, Peru

I boarded my flight from the Galapagos at 12 pm, arrived in Quito at 5 pm, boarded another flight to Lima at 8 pm, arrived in Lima at 11 pm, and then slept in the airport for a 5:30 am flight to Cusco. Surprisingly, I learned I wasn’t the only one doing this. There was […]

Darwin and Awkward Dates (Galapagos Islands, Ecuador)

I arrived in Quito in the early afternoon prepared to be a solo traveler for a week, and decided to stay in the Old Town this time. Old Town was much more beautiful than New Town with its sixteenth-century colonial architecture. I only had the night in Quito as I had to catch a 9:30 […]