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Floripa – Florianopolis, Brazil

We have come accustomed to arriving in new cities greeted by rain and Florianopolis was no different. This time we were in a beach town where rain is typically not welcomed. We waited for the rain to let up a bit before wandering around and exploring town. We walked around scoping out the different shops […]

A European Mountain Resort in Brazil – Gramado, Brazil

Farima’s friend, Douglas, recommended a place called Gramado for us to go visit, so the following day we headed to this quaint little town. Gramado looked like a mountain resort town straight out of Switzerland and it appeared to be Christmas all year round. We checked into our hostel, where besides us there was only […]

Futbol all day everyday – Porto Alegre, Brazil

This is just the start of a life revolving around watching futbol! We arrived in Porto Alegre on Saturday and found our way to the Airbnb we booked. Thankfully with the world cup in full swing we were still able to find a place to stay that wasn’t too outrageously priced. Our host for the next […]

Deserted beach towns – Montevideo and Punta del Este, Uruguay

Carol, Farima, and I arrived in Montevideo greeted by pretty crappy weather. It was cold and gloomy, not exactly what I was expecting from the Uruguayan coast. After checking into our hotel, yes for once not a hostel (thank you Farima for using your rewards points), we grabbed lunch and watched the Iran vs. Nigeria game. We took […]

Meat and lost sleep – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Arriving in Buenos Aires around 4 pm, we checked into our hostel the Art Factory in San Telmo and immediately headed to Florida Street to exchange money. The American dollar in Argentina is worth significantly more on the black market than the actual exchange rate a bank would offer. We received 11.4 Argentine pesos for […]

(Rain) Breaking Records – Iguazu Falls

We were welcomed to Iguazu with pouring rain… As we had only two days in town (Puerto Iguazu) before we had to catch our flight to Buenos Aires, we contemplated what to do over lunch as far as seeing the falls. Iguaza Falls are waterfalls of the Iguazu River that fall on the border of […]

Vino and a missing corkscrew – Cafayate, Argentina

Salta was simply a stopover for us on our way to Cafayate. We arrived around nine at night, grabbed dinner, and went to bed. The following morning we had to say goodbye to Alaina, she was off to Buenos Aires and we were off to Cafayate. Once again it was hard to say goodbye, we […]

Stargazing in the desert – San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

The four of us (Jaap, Farima, Alaina, and I) arrived in San Pedro de Atacama around 1 pm, checked into a hostel and went to grab lunch. San Pedro de Atacama is most widely known for stargazing so we booked a tour that night to learn about them. After watching a short clip about the […]

Hot Springs and Nicknames – Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Dan, Farima, and I arrived in Uyuni around 4 am that morning and booked a room at the same hostel as Alaina. After we slept for a few hours, we walked around town comparing the different tour agencies offering tours into the Salt Flats. Farima, Alaina, and I decided to go with Red Planet, they […]

Dinosaurs and more – Sucre, Bolivia

After taking a nap from a nightmare of a bus journey, we went out to explore Sucre. Sucre was by far the prettiest city in Bolivia with its Spanish colonial architecture. All the buildings in Sucre are whitewashed making the city seem extremely clean and polished. We tried to explore the interiors of the various […]