Eventful yet unproductive – Ushuaia (fin del mundo), Argentina

After 15 hours on a bus I finally arrived at the end of the world, Ushuaia. As I was checking Facebook that night, Kari, a fellow traveler I met in Calafate had posted she was in Ushuaia and as luck would have it she ended up being at the same hostel as me.

We met at breakfast the following morning and she decided to keep me company while I looked for last minute Antarctica deals. Unfortunately, it turned out it was Sunday and everything was closed. We ended up wandering around town looking for any store that happened to be open. Without luck, we headed to the end of the world sign to take some pictures. Since we had each other, we didn’t have to take selfies, which both of us have come accustomed to as solo traveler. While taking our pictures, we ran into Vashti, another solo traveler who was staying in my room. The three of us would become fast friends! Now a threesome, we headed to a small market that was open and we all ended up buying a ring made out of an Argentinean coin by the cutest old man.

IMG_6915 IMG_6914

IMG_6918 IMG_6912IMG_6923

On the way back to the hostel, I decided to try and see if one more tour agency was open, Ushuaia Extremo. Solange (the coolest tour agent ever) happened to be working on a Sunday and convinced me to book a tour leaving on December 6th. I couldn’t believe it, I was going to Antarctica! After accomplishing what I set out to do even with all the stores being closed, the three of us headed to dinner. Vashti and I shared a delicious plate of meat and french fries.


The following day, we found out that it was a national holiday and again all stores would be closed. While Kari was out on a 4X4 tour, Vashti and I headed out on a mission to find something to do. As to not waste an entire day being unproductive, we went to the Galeria Tematica. As sad as this is to admit, I cannot recall much of what I learned. I was too busy taking pictures in the scenes and not paying attention to what the audio tape was narrating about the scene. Nevertheless, Vashti and I had a great time laughing throughout the whole museum. Later that night, the three of us drank lots of wine and simply enjoyed each others company!

IMG_1776 IMG_1767 IMG_1763 IMG_1762 IMG_1761 IMG_1758IMG_6932IMG_6931

Since I would be seeing lots of penguins in Antarctica (or at least I hoped), I skipped out on the penguin tour with Vashti and Kari. I used the next day as my catch up day…updating my blog and figuring out what to do with my week before I departed for Antarctica as well as figure out future plans. I also exchanged American dollars that day at the creepiest stuff animal store, but at least they gave me a good exchange rate!

I had convinced Kari to come to Torres del Paine with me and complete the “backside” of the circuit, therefore leaving Vashti the following morning. On our final day together and itching to get outside, the three of us headed to Tierra del Fuego, the national park in Ushuaia. We walked for around two hours and then headed back to town. For our last night together, we went to one of the only bars in town for a beer. As much as I tried to convince Vashti to come with us to Torres del Paine, she kept turning me down.

IMG_1794 IMG_1788 IMG_1786 IMG_1783 IMG_1780IMG_6945IMG_6943

Although I didn’t accomplish much with my time in Ushuaia, hanging out with Vashti and Kari made it all worthwhile. I can’t even really explain what we did with our days, but they were definitely eventful yet unproductive and we have friendship rings to prove it!

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